the every dayer - part deaux!  a little bit bolder than her "big sister", the 'og' every dayer, but this is for a bolder kinda gal! ...and we are ALL that kinda gal! - be bold, make a statement! one that you won't get thrown in jail for!  turquoise + sterling silver necklace with a touch of sterling silver shimmer sterling silver magnetic closure - which makes it a breeze to put on and take off, but caution around other metal items - everyone (+everything) is attracted to this beauty! - that is why you'll want to wear it every day! keep those positive + healing energies, that turquoise promotes, around your throat chakra (neck) all the time. - be bold and protected!  a real beauty, just like you, for every day! measures 18” long  note: colors may vary on computer screens


natural healing stone properties wear in good health

turquoise (throat chakra)  health + wisdom + protection + self-love + vitality + nurturing + communication + emotional healing + compassion (a powerful stone - for all day, every day!)

the every dayer - part deux!

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