"i'm a copper and i'm here to give you the ticket to my heart - part deux"  sorry/ not sorry, for the 'cheezy' name i gave this one :)  copper + turquoise + crystal and glass rondelle beads - oh, my!  without a doubt one of my favorite stones to wear and collect is turqouise - i've always loved it and wear it on a daily basis  the copper and turquoise compliment one another very well to give a unique look  this necklace is made up of a mixture of copper + turquoise + glass and crystal rondelle-style beads + copper and bronze beads and elements  i've made this necklace with a toggle-style closure and used a 'rosary-style' design  the necklace measures 26" long with an overal length of 34-1/4"  please note, i have 3 of these copper heart charms that i found in asheville, north carolina - however - i have made each necklace, albiet similar, still unique and one-of-a-kind and there will never be another one quite like it - so, don't miss out! note: colors may vary on computer screens


natural healing stone properties wear in good health

 turquoise (throat chakra) ⋆ health + wisdom + protection + self-love + vitality + nurturing + communication + emotional healing + compassion (a powerful stone - for every day!)

i'm a copper and i'm here to give you the ticket to my heart- part deux

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