have a heart necklace  shhhh... this one might be my favorite necklace! - i found the heart pendant, many moons ago, from a street vendor in San Francisco ⋆  a mixture of silver and gold and electic stones and beads set this necklace apart - it will be your favorite piece to wear and i will be sad to see it go  please note, this item is one of a kind and there will never be another one like it - don't miss out! ;) the necklace measures 30-3/4" long with a 3" extender (the heart pendant measures 1-1/4" x 1-1/4")  note: colors may vary on computer screens


natural healing stone properties wear in good health

bleu brazilian apatite (third eye + throat chakras) balancing energy in the physical, emotional, mental + spiritual bodies ⋆ enhances insight  achieve deeper states of meditation  restores clear thoughts ⋆ enhances communication  aids in spiritual guidance  aids in the development of physic gifts  enhances general mental funciton + clarity  increases motivation  helpful for hyperactivity  hands down! one of my favorite stones to wear is, bleu apatite - bleu apatite is the deep, bleu-ish, indigo (with a hint of dark green) colored stone (6mm), that adorns this necklace

have a heart necklace (with bleu brazilian apatite)

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