flight of the dragonfly did you know that having a dragonfly land on your head is good luck? well, now you do! personally, i think it's good luck no matter where one might land on you! :)  this is a favorite one of mine to wear with your basic + favorite t-shirt and jean combo OR... all dressed up works, too! you will shine + dazzle however and wherever you wear it - be prepared for the compliments to come flying your way! :)  adorned with a tarnish resistant silver chain and various bleu-tone crystals  this necklace measures 31" long with an overall length, including the pendant, of 35" (the dragonfly measures 2" x 2-1/4")  this necklace has been made without a clasp and instead was made long enough to put on and take off over your head - easy, breezy... you are beautiful!  note: colors may vary on computer screens please note, this item has a limited quantity of 6

flight of the dragonfly

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