day of the dead turquoise lariat + red onyx agate + pewter + tan leather cord earrings that match are sold separately for $40.00 if bought together with the lariat necklace, as a matching set, the price for the set is $85.00 plus s+h use promo code 'DOTD20' for the savings to reflect at checkout - both items must be in your shopping bag to use the promo code  this necklace measures from the top to the very bottom 38" - however, the actual, full-extended part, that is worn around your neck, measures 26" - this is a very versatile necklace, that can be worn at various lengths and if your head is small enough, it could even be doubled up!? - please, only attempt to actually double this necklace up, if your head is the size of beetlejuice!  note: colors may vary on computer screens


natural healing stone properties wear in good health

turquoise (throat chakra)  health + wisdom + protection + self-love + vitality + nurturing + communication + emotional healing + compassion (a poweful stone)

agate (throat chakra) stability + balance + grounding + supportive

day of the dead turquoise lariat + red onyx agate + pewter + tan leather cord

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